About Pat Cooper

A native of Thomson, GA, Pat Cooper has always been drawn to all things Southern, family and music. Appreciating the little things in life - days at the lake, cold beer and a few friends to cut up with - Cooper is a simple man with endless dreams. His entire life, music has been the main focus, whether it's the ear buds in his ears while exercising or hanging with friends, Cooper has always been singing along.

It wasn't until he attended The University of South Carolina where he was able to showcase his true talent. Cooper would intend to sing one song at The Saloon every Thursday during karaoke night. Due to the love he received each time, these nights never ended with just one song. His peers supported him through and through, recognizing his talent and true passion for being on stage. The support that Cooper received during these crucial years inspired his move to Nashville after becoming a Gamecock alumnus. He co-wrote the title track to Luke Combs debut album “This One’s For You.” Cooper recently released his own latest single “Don’t Have to Be Anything” in June of 2018.

Learn more at https://www.patcoopermusic.com/.